why have alliances?

Partnering is essential to geoworx. Business relationships offer a chance to provide increased capacity and specialist skills to any given project.  Beyond the formal partnerships with Esri and Eagle Technology, it was considered essential to form alliances with other talented and like-minded consultants to ensure that a virtual team exists for the business.  We often meet to discuss business and technology. As a group, we can collaborate on larger or more complex projects where required.


Leigh has lived in New Zealand since 2008 working as a Senior Developer, often on GIS related projects.  With a sharp technical mind he is a full stack developer.  He has experience in Dev ops, particularly with automated deployments and the use of cloud technologies, principally AWS.  

Having experience in developing back end services (C# and NodeJS) he is also adept in front end technologies using a range of JavaScript technologies including Angular and React.  He is also more than proficient in developing with ArcGIS APIs and SDKs.  

Leigh has a keen eye for seeing problems in the deployment of architectures and identifying remedies from a range of technologies and his broad experience.  Read more about Leigh and his business, Venari.