Getting Coffee

geoworx services


geoworx believes the best way to work with you is to know you. It believes in getting alongside you and walking with you.  Understanding who you are, what you know, what you have and where you want to go, is critical to providing you with the right result.  People often say "I just want to implement esri", but most organisations end up with their own flavour of esri, bespoke to their requirements.  geoworx would love to implement a vanilla solution.  However, your existing IT infrastructure, as just one example, will dictate constraints and opportunities that differ to other implementations.  geoworx can work with you, and your IT teams, to identify what is needed for a successful GIS.  geoworx has the knowledge and the experience to shape 'your esri' based upon best practice and proven designs and implementations.

geoworx wants to hear what you have to say.  Challenge is a part of the way that geoworx works, you may have a requirement but validation can often lead to a need for robust discussion, you are asked to engage and discuss options openly.  The founder of geoworx has TOGAF certifications and so geoworx treats all engagements with an enterprise view, looking to reduce the impact on wider enterprise systems while seeking to reuse as many building blocks as is practicable.  Once geoworx understands your current and future states, along with an enterprise view, then a gap analysis will be undertaken to form a technical strategy or road map.