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A successful GIS will always lead to more demands being placed on it by the business.  This is a double-edged sword, while it proves a successful investment in technology, the increased load also places demands on the resources originally assigned for day 1.  It may be necessary to review system capacity. 


Many organisations consider a health check to be an unnecessary overhead.  However, ignoring it is like saying that you won't bother changing the oil in your car.  

A health check will review database performance and security.  Identify poorly performing or overloaded web services and make recommendations for change.  It will review the current system capacity.  A thorough review of all system settings will be undertaken to ensure the security and resilience of your ArcGIS Platform.

The Health Check service is also a really good time for geoworx to sit with you or your staff and mentor you for the year ahead and to get the best out of your system.