Building a Robot
geoworx services


The founder of geoworx has worked on multiple technical implementations across a range of enterprise architectures.  He has also acted in the technical lead capacity to assist others in undertaking implementations.  It is business-as-usual to encounter issues along the way with such a complex software set.  Issues may arise due to firewalls, proxies or certificates, and sometimes down to internal policies or procedures.  The consultancy and design process will seek to minimise these potential issues, but sometimes things are masked or not identified to geoworx in advance.  

A diligent and methodical approach to implementation is key to resolving issues as they arise, working with customers and their service providers to raise and address issues quickly and pragmatically.  Ongoing testing during the build phase, with regular smoke testing of each component is a key part of any implementation.  Comprehensive as-built documentation will be provided to act as a reference for the Day 0 delivery of the system.  Backups will be taken to provide a return to Day 0, should that become necessary.  Rigour is imperative to a successful build.

Any ArcGIS implementation lays down a platform from which geographic resources and services are published by the customer.  Over time these services may start to burden the implementation.  Regular monitoring by the customer is strongly advised, with an annual health check undertaken by geoworx.