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Can you help to prepare a startup for growth:

This is not a job advert (yet). geoworx needs to scale up and needs a plan, so it's asking for volunteers to contribute to that planning. geoworx is nearly 2 years old, and people have already asked to join. There is a hope that they or maybe others may have some interest in helping.

When growth happens it will not necessarily be based on skills or experience. The ability to learn, grow, communicate and relate will be far more important. Technical skills can be taught, but soft skills are more important for whoever becomes number two at geoworx.

At this point, you need to consider what geoworx is all about and is it something that would interest you. Have a look at the Why and Services pages here:


If you aspire to be a GIS Developer, Data Analyst or work in Virtual Reality or Artificial Intelligence then geoworx may not be the place for you. Please only respond if you have an interest in becoming (or evolving as) an ArcGIS Enterprise consultant or architect. geoworx has quite a tight remit and wants to stay focussed. You will have other skills and they will be of interest and use, but ArcGIS Enterprise is the core, please only respond if you're professional interest is in that deep-dive area.

It doesn't matter where you are in your career, you could be an intern through to a top consultant. In responding, you have an opportunity to share your ideal working environment, and possibly shape what your next career step could look like.

By the way, geoworx is likely to recruit before the international borders reopen, so only people who can legally live and work in NZ should respond, please.

If you choose to get involved, then you can be assured of total privacy and confidentiality. Your responses will be 100% confidential. You will receive a thank you email, but there will be no other follow up unless you ask for further information. Your response will go into a broader plan for growth. When geoworx is ready to recruit it will take a traditional approach and invite formal applications.

At this stage, geoworx is looking for no more than one page of A4. Ideally, you will describe what you would expect from geoworx as an awesome employer. This does not need to be polished and you don't need to send a CV. This is about how geoworx could be great for you, and not about why you are great for geoworx. Hopefully, that can come soon.

The only intention of this exercise is to know how geoworx can support a skilled, vibrant and diverse workforce.

I'm looking for thoughts on:

  • What do you expect from your leader or manager?

  • Do you want to be micro-managed or have freedom?

  • How would you feel about your work being quality checked?

  • Do you want constant guidance or to be allowed to learn from your mistakes?

  • Do you want to challenge and be challenged, or have a more laid back work life?

  • What type of leader inspires you to grow?

  • Describe any other attributes of your ideal leader/manager.

  • What do you expect from your working environment?

  • What's your happy mix regarding home/work office environments?

  • What split of home, office would you expect?

  • Where should the office be?

  • Are you happy in open plan accommodation or do you need somewhere quiet?

  • Broadly, what would it take for geoworx to attract and retain you?

  • What would your preferred salary be?

  • Do you want a 40 hour week or something more flexible?

  • Should travel be a part of your role? What type of travel would you consider?

  • Client engagement,

  • Training

  • Conference attendance

  • Domestic or International?

  • What training/support do you want to get from geoworx?

  • Geoworx is committed to personal growth and development. So in terms of your career briefly describe:

  • Where do you see yourself now?

  • Where do you see geoworx taking you over the next 2 years?

  • Where do you see geoworx taking you over the next 5 years?

  • Outside of the above, what do you need as a person to help you feel valued, appreciated and happy in the workplace?

Thank you for taking the time to read this and considering being involved. If you decide to respond, or you have questions before you respond, then please contact scott@geoworx.co.nz

Once again, your responses will be valued and protected. There will be no follow up unless you have a specific request.

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