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geoworx needs to grow:

About geoworx

geoworx has been operating in New Zealand for two years. It has a range of clients across NZ and many industry sectors. It is an Esri Silver Business Partner with the Release Ready speciality. The core focus is ArcGIS Enterprise. geoworx has learned several lessons about designing, implementing, using and managing this product well.

Scott Tansley is the Consulting Architect, Owner and Director of geoworx. He has worked across data capture and analysis, development, data management, consulting and architectural and deployment projects. He has 20 years of direct Esri experience, including working for two Esri distributors and multiple consultancies.

Scott’s vision for geoworx is to provide quality services, reliable solutions and encourage and mentor people to get the best from their ArcGIS Enterprise investment. Operating as a practice, Scott is the face of geoworx, with a team that is equipped, skilled, passionate and released to own their client base, with Scott being available to support and mentor them. The vision is not for a big team, but one who will work together, share openly and work to better themselves, geoworx and our clients.

Naturally, geoworx can ‘use Esri’. It can analyse, capture and do magic with data and GIS, but that’s not its reason for being. GIS has become fully embedded in big IT environments and geoworx acts as the bridge between IT and GIS teams. It speaks both languages.

geoworx is inclusive in its consulting style. As the team grows it will also be inclusive. This initial appointment will be on merit, a large part of that will be a cultural fit.

About you:

To succeed at geoworx, you will need to be as passionate about IT as you are GIS. You will be helping client GIS teams understand how IT impacts their workflows and supporting the IT team to know how GIS integrates with their IT Environment. You will need strong written and verbal communications. You will be able to listen. Over-confidence is not required; you need to be honest and transparent, and true to yourself. Confidence will come with experience and support.

You don’t need all the answers. It would be awesome if you’re an experienced consultant, but if you’re relatively new to the GIS industry, that’s also cool. Your experience level is not as important as your attitude! The successful candidate will be hungry and willing to learn. You will not be afraid to try and get your hands dirty across a range of tasks. You will want to grow personally and professionally. The support and deployment tasks you undertake in the early days will translate into becoming a senior consultant or architect over time. You will be exposed to a range of client meetings, attend conferences (domestic and international), and be given the best opportunities to become the best consultant you can be.

You will have research skills. While you will be supported, you will be expected to self-learn and not be spoon-fed. You’re going to learn from your mistakes, and you won’t be afraid to make them. You will accept having your work quality checked and receiving feedback that will grow you. Standards are high. You will be committed to quality, want to do your best for geoworx clients, and you will accept correction willingly. Attention to detail and consistency is paramount. While we love number eight wire solutions, geoworx is not about delivering things that hang together.

You may have some incredible technical skills outside of ArcGIS Enterprise. You’re welcome to bring them. Together we’ll work out how we take those skills to market.

If you want to take pride in your work and feel that you’ve done the very best for your client, then geoworx is the place for you.

The role

The following list is not exhaustive, geoworx is still emerging into the market, and you will flex and grow with it. At a high level, you will be:

  • Constantly learning, following blogs, community chats and using your superb research skills

  • Reviewing documents written by others

  • Writing documents as required along with preparing presentations

  • Helping to operate a supporting desk for client requests. Diagnosing issues, applying remedies and updating clients.

  • Deploying ArcGIS Enterprise

  • Monitoring, tuning and improving ArcGIS Enterprise

  • Upgrading ArcGIS Enterprise (sometimes at weekends and out-of-hours)

  • Contributing your learning to blog posts

  • Attending client meetings, as an observer and eventually taking part, up to and including leading those meetings

  • Contributing to internal process improvements

The role can be flexible, and a part-time position is a possibility. Working from home will be expected once you’re empowered to complete tasks to a high standard. While most meetings are conducted remotely, some travel is to be expected. At times, putting the client first and putting in some extra hours will be required. Your flexibility will be rewarded.

A high value is placed on family and work-life balance. As much as geoworx needs the right candidate, this needs to be balanced against family.

geoworx is based in Pukerua Bay within walking distance of the railway station. A small, modern, warm and well-equipped office offers pleasant green views and the potential to take head-clearing walks to the beach! Geoworx doesn’t expect you to bang your head against the wall when the pressure is on. Sometimes we need to take a little time and reset. After all, who needs the hustle and bustle of the city? Please note, until we both agree that you're ready to work remotely, you will be expected to spend a large percentage of time in the Pukerua Bay office.

Ultimately, the role is yours to define and make your own. Geoworx is a new startup. Things can evolve, and so can you. Your hard work and positive attitude will be valued. geoworx wants the successful candidate to succeed on every level.

Key Dates and Process

The closing date/time for applications will be 12 PM on Friday 9th July.

All applications must be via email (scott@geoworx.co.nz) and include no more than 1 page of a covering letter, stating what you would want to get from the role and what you would bring. A current CV will also be required.

If you would like to know more about the role, without formally applying, then please request via email rather than any form of social media.

Interviews will likely be conducted via Teams/Zoom, from w/c 26th July.

Candidates who are selected for an interview will be expected to prepare a short presentation on a suitable topic. A comprehensive technical interview will also take place, which is designed to help geoworx understand your skill/knowledge level. The intention of the interview is to assess what training and support you would need if successful.

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