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geoworx is committed to Esri technology and its customers. Scott has years of experience and I can assist on many levels. I know that the practitioners of Esri in NZ are amongst the best in the world. You support your science and you do it well. You are at the forefront of what Esri calls 'The Science of Where':

So why geoworx? geoworx is:

ArcGIS Enterprise makes accessing the outputs of your science easier and easier. Increasingly your users get the science that you do and they want more. However, as the technology becomes easier to use, that generally means it becomes harder to implement and support. It is exactly here where geoworx can help. We translate your requirements into a platform that will grow, scale and adapt to accommodate the delivery of your science. We speak GIS, we speak IT, we speak English.

We are here to help.

From designing a system through to implementing it, we can make sure it's secure, it's fast and it works. We want to have an enduring relationship with you, one that makes sure that you get the best from your ArcGIS Enterprise platform all the way through its lifecycle. Our focus covers the IT around the software as well as the software itself, that includes its health, its security and the integration of other systems into it.

As much as geoworx loves analytics and visualisation, or development and data maintenance, we know that there are excellent NZ providers in that space. We differentiate ourselves by being the ones that help you get ArcGIS Enterprise right. When you don't have to worry about technology, we are helping you do your science.


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