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Prior to the NZ launch of geoworx, Scott had a responsibility for the technical recruitment of many candidates. During this time it became apparent that there is a need to bring talent from overseas to NZ and this is documented here. Indeed Scott fell into this category himself when he came to NZ with his family.

Scott also found that there are many capable people within the industry who just need that extra 'push' to get where they want to be. One of the initiatives he introduced in a previous role was a buddy-buddy system where new starters were paired with a more experienced team member to grow a strong working relationship and to provide technical guidance. He has also ran 'architect surgeries' for team members to ask deep technical questions. Mentoring is clearly really important to Scott. He has seen significant success through these activities.

In starting his business Scott wants to give something back to the GIS Community, to take two individuals who want to move into the IT side of the GIS community. geoworx is effectively a workshop for GIS, a place where you can go when you need someone to get under the bonnet and tune the engine that powers an organisations GIS operations. While geoworx is not in a position to recruit at this point in time, it would like to prepare people who may well one day be the first to be invited to join 'the worx'.

So, here's the deal. I want two people who regularly work with ArcGIS Enterprise. People who want to know how to make that amazing piece of software purr like a Mercedes while being able to help it growl like a Ferrari when it needs to be pushed hard.

Interested parties must not work for a professional services company, e.g. Eagle, GBS, Abley etc... Frankly, it's their job to train and mentor you and I don't want to be seen as stealing staff from organisations that I partner with! If you work in Local or Central Government or a State Owned Enterprise, or maybe an environmental consultancy then you'd likely be a great candidate. Essentially, that organisation could be getting free training for the next few months/years!

This is not a job offer! There is zero financial reward. You must be completely self-financing. I'm prepared to invest time into the two chosen candidates, but you will need to pay all costs. I would expect you to get Esri certification to prove that the mentoring process has worked for you. Why only two candidates. This is a reflection of the quality of mentoring that I want to provide. I'm looking at delivering quality and not quantity.

So where do you need to be in your career? Ideally you should already have attended the Eagle GALoP programme, attended an Eagle ArcGIS Enterprise Boot Camp, or have attended an appropriate level of Eagle training. The value of effective Eagle/Esri training cannot be underestimated.

However, I'm probably more interested in aptitude and willingness to learn. I like working with people who want to help themselves. I will not be giving you all the answers, I'll be giving you lots of questions and expecting you to research. This is not a degree, there will no deadlines. We'll work at the pace of the slowest of the two candidates. This is about growing people and not putting them under pressure. But if you're not able to commit then you probably don't want to be doing this either. The concept of the mentoring programme will be to take you further than Esri training alone can take you. You will be pushed and pulled until you can deploy rock solid ArcGIS Enterprise deployments and administer them to the highest standards.

There has to be a catch? There always is! I'm being selfish, really quite selfish. I want for geoworx to grow and to employ the best of the best. It's a bold statement. geoworx may never be big, once again it's going to be about quality not quantity. But if this is going to happen then I have to take it upon myself to grow people into my business. So now you know my motive. Of course this means that ideally you would want to work in a professional service organisation. Let's face it, very few other organisations have the ability to attract and keep a full-time Esri Solution Architect. If you want to be in that space, then realistically your looking in that direction. So what happens if you jump somewhere else before I can offer you a position? Well it's my risk and my loss. I'll have given something back to a community that has adopted me and supported me since March 2011. I'll take that, but if geoworx does grow then I'll fight to get you back. So there you go, I'm not being all saintly or anything. I want to do good for NZ, but I want to grow my own business sustain-ably as well.

If the above sits well with you then please contact me on scott@geoworx.co.nz

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