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Next Gen GIS Architects... Part 2

Architect explaining his thoughts

It has been a week since geoworx approached the Wellington geospatial community for expressions of interest for being a mentee on the geoworx mentor programme. geoworx is committed to growing NZ geospatial capability and especially into the realms of senior consultancy and solution architecture.

The feedback has been exciting. 10 expressions of interest have been received and many, many supportive conversations held with individuals who agree with the approach that geoworx is taking.

Of the 10 expressions of interest, 4 are strong candidates. geoworx has already held three initial interviews with the fourth scheduled for early next week. It is safe to say that, assuming they accept, then there will be two individuals to work with. It's just a case of deciding which two!

Each candidate has been asked to provide a CV and portfolio of technical work. This will then be considered in detail. The two candidates who are closest to each other in terms of skills and experience will then be asked to go forward to the programme. The approach of taking the closest pair (rather than the best pair) is to streamline the first round of mentoring.

Other interested parties are still welcome to submit expressions of interest. Ideally candidates should have completed the Eagle GALoP or GALoP-X ( https://eagle.arlo.co/courses/249-geospatial-accelerated-learning-programme-express) programme or have evolved to a similar position in their careers.

geoworx's founder, Scott Tansley said "I cannot speak highly enough of Eagle's GALoP program. Having been involved in delivering GALoP Solution Architecture sessions in the past, I am acutely aware of the standard that people can reach by attending this program. Anyone who wants to consolidate their training and experience in the latest Esri technologies and practices should seriously consider this program. Eagle have indeed employed a good number of high-quality individuals who have passed through this training programme and they are quality practitioners in NZ's geospatial community."

geoworx is hopeful that the initial mentoring sessions will have commenced by the middle of September based on the current level of response.

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