• Scott Tansley

NZEUC 2019

I've attended a number of NZ Esri User conferences over the last few years and there is always an air of excitement. This year was really exciting for me. It was the first under the guise of geoworx. I approached conference with an air of trepidation. I've had the pleasure of working with many in the NZ GIS industry and I've known a lot of warmth and acceptance. I knew I'd have their support and indeed I did - thank you.

That said, this time I went further and spoke to more people than ever before. Being a hardened techie who was trying to also be a salesman was indeed a challenge. But I received a warm and welcoming reception. My focus is possibly different to most other Esri partners in New Zealand. While I can consult on almost any level of the ArcGIS product stack, I know that my niche is working with ArcGIS Enterprise and doing it well. That's big-headed (those that know me know I'm usually far more humble), but I've learnt a lot about it over the last few years. High Availability, Disaster Recovery, scaling, upgrading and future planning. I've done them all.

I focused on this area during my many discussions, and had a simple little 'Introducing geoworx' flyer that I used. For me, its not enough to approach ArcGIS Enterprise on a solution level. ArcGIS Enterprise is not just about dropping a VM with some software and hoping it will do everything you want in the future. There's an art to getting the plumbing right that underpins it. I pride myself on this. A big consideration for me is being able to continually upgrade. The better the planning, the design and the implementation then the longer you will be able to conduct simple upgrades.

This resonated with the people I spoke to. That feedback blew me away and helped me know I've found my market segment and there is a demand for what geoworx can offer.

The other key area that they were interested in was the discussion of mentoring. ArcGIS Enterprise can be very simple to use, but when you start looking at integration with other systems then it can be a bit overwhelming. With experience on multiple levels of using ArcGIS, geoworx can help grow the capability of users and not just grow your technology!

On the subject of mentoring, geoworx had posted on social media about offering mentoring for aspiring spatial solution architects. I had the honour of talking to a number of candidates. Apparently it created a bit of a buzz in some quarters of the conference as well. I've had a great response, and it's humbling to know that people are interested in working with me on extending their careers. If you want to know more than read more here.

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