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Seasons Greeting from geoworx

As 2020 comes to an end, it’s a nice feeling to look back on the first full year of trading. geoworx launched in June 2019, initially being a vehicle for contracting, during my tenure at Transpower. During that time, it became apparent that there was a need for ArcGIS Enterprise services, and so on the 1st February geoworx moved into consultancy mode.

In that time, I, through geoworx, have worked with a wide range of customers. Those customers cover a wide range of industry domains, including:

· Infrastructure Services

· Regional Three-Waters

· Local electricity supply

· Retail electricity

· Local Government

· Engineering and Environmental management services

Some of these customers are listed on my web site, and case-studies will hopefully start to appear in 2021.

A year ago, I was unsure of how the market would accept a sole-trader when there were so many established companies in the market. The niche services offered by geoworx are just a little bit different, especially concerning the mentoring aspect. geoworx appears to have found its gap in the market.

While I’ve designed and implemented solutions and conducted multiple platform upgrades, the most rewarding part of running geoworx has been the mentoring. Seeing people ‘switch on’ and start to get ArcGIS Enterprise has been fantastic. Several customers had significant issues in their legacy systems and have chosen to start again. It’s been a challenging journey for some of them, but they have told me that they have appreciated open access to a principal consultant. Others were only a little lost, I pointed them in the right direction, and off they ran with excellent results.

COVID made things a little scary, more so on the second Auckland outbreak, but within days of that event geoworx “took off”. At times I’ve been too busy, but that’s an excellent problem to have for a new startup. I set clear expectations with customers and was transparent about workloads. I’m not perfect, and will never claim to be, but in most cases, I’ve delivered on or ahead of budget and within agreed timescales. The feedback and acceptance from customers have been second to none. I have seen repeat work from several customers which is an absolute honour.

The fears and self-doubt of a year ago have not been forgotten, but I’ve learnt a lot about business and resiliency in the last year. The support from customers has made me a better person, and I need to thank everyone I’ve worked with over the previous year.

2021 is shaping up to have a healthy and exciting start. Major software upgrades, ongoing mentoring and a new client has requested me to review their existing GIS and provide a strategic roadmap for the potential adoption of Esri. If engagements continue to develop in the same way, then geoworx will be recruiting towards the middle of the year. The intention will be to bring in and mentor an understudy. I will remain the principal contact, ensuring quality control, while adding the bandwidth to support a growing portfolio of clients.

I had wanted to send a token gift to each client, but I have been advised that in some situations, this is not appropriate. I have, therefore, reflected on charities that could use some support at this time of year. With that in mind, geoworx has made corporate donations to the following charities:

Key to Life - https://givealittle.co.nz/org/keytolife

The women’s refuge - https://www.safenight.nz/

On that note, I want to wish you a safe and happy Christmas.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Scott Tansley

aka geoworx.

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