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What does geoworx do?

I was recently asked what geoworx does? What makes it different? What is your elevator pitch? The simple answer is "We consult with clients regarding the use of ArcGIS Enterprise". But somehow that doesn't fully explain. It seems that if you don't know what ArcGIS Enterprise is, then nothing I say will make a lot of sense!

Esri define it here. Clients often describe it as:

"A software platform that allows us to deliver geospatial products and services. It's like a black box for importing data into, and for publishing templated applications and services."

Both definitions, in my opinion, discuss what you can do with it. In some situations there is an assumption that the black box "just does everything" and it will always work. geoworx specialises in what's inside that black box, and getting it right for each client. We focus. We know our strength. We do our work and then we let our clients and their other GIS providers deliver a wealth of products and services. Fundamentally, geoworx believes that a strong foundation is needed for those products and services to work optimally.

The geoworx view of ArcGIS Enterprise is:

"At a minimum, ArcGIS Enterprise is a collection of five distinct software components. Separately they are useful, configured and properly integrated they offer immense value. Other software components extend the capabilities.

Your non-functional requirements will determine how many virtual machines you need. Your functional requirements will determine if you need more than the default five software components. Your internal IT will dictate whether you implement this on-premise, in IaaS or in the Cloud.

The sum of all these parts and their configuration determines the security, reliability, scalability and performance of the resulting system. geoworx factors all of this in to our work and then ensures that you stay System Ready. Crucially, decisions at this point determine how easy it is to upgrade the platform and stay at the cutting edge."

In the most simple cases, geoworx will deploy a Base Deployment on a single machine, much like this:


More likely you will adopt this option, typically using three virtual machines or sometimes five for larger clients:


In some situations, things get more complex and you may see something more like this (although that is pretty rare):


geoworx works to right-size your organisation for now and the foreseeable future, but to engineer in future-proofing to allow your system to flex and scale with your needs. Our service offerings are:

  • To listen to your requirements and recommend options.

  • To help you define a roadmap for your ArcGIS Enterprise journey.

  • To work with your IT teams to prepare them for the requirements of an Enterprise GIS.

  • To provide a Solution Architecture Design with implementation planning.

  • To implement your new ArcGIS Enterprise environment.

  • To mentor and work with you as you adopt your new environment.

  • To provide consultancy and support on an as-needed basis.

  • Proactive system maintenance.

  • To provide an annual health check with security, performance and upgrade recommendations.

  • To provide out-of-hours upgrade services.

  • To provide accessible, detailed and understandable documentation.

  • Provide strategies for data management and maintenance.

  • Provide independent technical leadership to assist your ArcGIS Enterprise journey.

  • Provide strategies of when to use ArcGIS Enterprise and when to use ArcGIS Online. There is an overlap, but there are clear patterns of when to use one or the other.

Our elevator pitch:

"geoworx focuses on best practice implementations of ArcGIS Enterprise. It acts as the bridge between your IT and GIS teams. We use proven experience to provide solid platforms for your Enterprise GIS activities and workloads. We listen to you and then we empower you to make quality decisions about your platform."

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