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geoworx services

The whiteboard is a key tool...

From there geoworx can map out your current state, your pain points, your future state and show the route from current to future.  The list below are the core services offered by geoworx

geoworx is all about growth, individual and enterprise.  Your team needs to grow and learn, your system should also be growing to support your enterprise deliverables.  That's where geoworx can most help...


Consultancy can cover a multitude of subjects from requirements gathering to best practice.  geoworx is there to guide, challenge and help.

Technical Strategy

Often the way to get from current to future state is the hardest part to plan.  geoworx can help.


From a single development machine through to a highly available, disaster recoverable environment.  geoworx has the knowledge and experience to design your solution.


The build and testing of ArcGIS Enterprise solution requires rigor and diligence.  These are key characteristics displayed by geoworx.

Health Check

The uptake of GIS within an organisation is usually greater than expected.  Resource requirements should be regularly reviewed.


A system is only as good as its users and administrators.  geoworx wants to deploy excellent GIS.  We mentor you and your team.