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why geoworx?

It's about choosing the right tool for the job.  There are many great and highly capable geospatial businesses in New Zealand.  geoworx is no tall poppy, we'll never say we're better.  That said, geoworx is a different tool, available to your toolbox, for a number of reasons:

  • geoworx is focussed!  It's focused on what it is great at, which is the best practice deployment and use of ArcGIS Enterprise.  geoworx isn't just about the servers, but also the geodatabase, it's health and security.  It also covers the point where it integrates with ArcGIS Online, desktop, web and mobile tools.​

  • geoworx is a practice, not a business, its specialist, focused and niche.  geoworx isn't about first aid for your system, it's about treating the root cause.  It's a place where you can go for expert advice when you're not getting answers elsewhere.  

  • The geoworx philosophy centres upon transparency, integrity, honesty, ethics and, frankly, "doing the right thing".  

  • It's also about enabling you to work smarter and to deliver more.  

geoworx is your ArcGIS Enterprise specialist, where every engagement is undertaken through an Enterprise Architecture lens.  With Consultancy Services including requirements analysis, gap analysis, and data review, geoworx can also provide a Strategic Technical Roadmap, Design, Implement, and provide Health Check support along with planning and best practice for future upgrades.  geoworx is an Esri Silver Business partner, holding the Release Ready speciality, and with experience of working within the Esri distributor community.

geoworx believes in considering the medium to long term when working in the current or next state.  Esri follows patterns and practices, and these are indicators of the future.  These indicators provide strategic objectives allowing you to plan change pro-actively, and therefore de-risking the long-term management of your ArcGIS Enterprise deployment. geoworx commits to being up to date with Esri technology by attending relevant Partner and Technical conferences.  We share knowledge gained here to keep you abreast of Esri’s direction.  geoworx can, therefore, assist you with upgrading, migrating or replacing legacy technology and working practices.   As shown in the above diagram, maintaining a GIS is a cycle.  geoworx can get involved in that cycle at any phase and guide your next steps. 

Your GIS may not be just a pure ArcGIS platform.  It is likely that you will have, or want, integrations with other business systems.  There are multiple ways of approaching this, and geoworx is fully aware of the opportunities to integrate, the best practice development strategies and the impact of bespoke integrations upon the ArcGIS Enterprise life-cycle.  The founder of geoworx has worked with the likes of IBM and Microsoft in the past to develop and deploy integrations from Business Intelligence, Asset Management, and Customer Relationship Management.  He has also worked on real-time feeds from vehicles and also from SCADA triggers through third party software including OSIsoft's PI application.  

geoworx is experienced, certificated and focused upon Esri, but brings independent thought and guidance.  geoworx brings deep Esri and IT knowledge balanced against studies in physical geography.  All activities are conducted not just in a consultative way, but also through the provision of mentoring services.  geoworx strongly believes in growing not only your technical capabilities but also your knowledge.  A full explanation of what geoworx does is not enough. You will also receive justification and reasoning for choosing that approach.  Community feedback shows that mentoring is lacking in the NZ GIS community, and geoworx is working towards meeting this requirement, putting strategies and relationships in place to address this.  

Transparency, honesty, integrity and ethical business is part of the relationship that you can expect.  geoworx has wide-ranging experience from within customer and vendor organisations.  They understand the pain of client-vendor relationships and are committed to bringing a new engagement style to the New Zealand market.  

geoworx is committed to quality partnering with its customers and providing excellence.  geoworx partners with other individuals and organisations, as necessary, to add capacity and specialist skills to its engagements.

GIS as a technology works, but when your implementation doesn't, you should speak to geoworx.  Here is the range of services offered.