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About geoworx:

geoworx is a niche consultancy specialising in ArcGIS Enterprise. Our consultants have a passion for quality and exceeding client expectations.


Read more about the team below.

Enterprise System Design
Enterprise Admin Cert
Enterprise Geodata Mgmt

Scott Tansley

Spatial Consultant, Architect and Founder

Scott holds degrees in Geography and Geographical Information Science.  He has worked with Esri Technology since 2001, starting as a data analyst, before moving into data capture/management and development.  He's worked for multiple consultancies in the UK and New Zealand.

Since moving to New Zealand in 2011, Scott has speciliased more and more on the IT and infrastructure side of GIS.  Having created geoworx in 2015, to service a single client in the UK, he launched the brand in NZ in 2019.  Since then it has grown substantially with many valued clients that come back for upgrades and service year-on-year.

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vCard Scott Tansley

Ula Tansley

Information Management Consultant and Business Analyst

Ula joined geoworx in January 2022 and brings a slightly different emphasis to our practice.  Her background is in Library and Information Science, but her most recent focus is assisting organisations to adopt MS SharePoint 365, MS Teams, and Power Apps.  Working on the technical and consultancy side, she aligns requirements with delivery, keeping an overwatch and ensuring quality and acceptance standards.

With significant experience in Archival practices including disposals and retention, Ula tends to be involved in long-running Government projects. 


However, she is critical to decision-making and the overall strategy/direction of geoworx.  She ensures that geoworx maintains its own documents and processes to a high-standard and supports discussions with geoworx clients relating to good data/information practices.

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