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geoworx has significant experience in designing, implementing, upgrading and supporting ArcGIS Enterprise.  We listen to your requirements, discuss your existing IT infrastructure, make recommendations, and then design and build a solution to your needs. 


geoworx listens, it guides and it mentors. 


Our success is measured in your growing capability, and us becoming a remote extension of your team.​We work at your speed, and in your time.  We do not have a pushy sales agenda, we're small enough to care, be consistent, and walk at your pace.


Health Check

geoworx has a standard set of practices for deploying ArcGIS Enterprise.  These are tried and trusted, and form the baseline for a healthy environment.   


During a health check, we will review your existing implementation against our baseline.  This includes an architecture review, review of your IaaS/Cloud, and the deeper settings required within a successful ArcGIS Enterprise deployment.  Our key interests are security, performance, reliability and ensuring your system ready and able to upgrade or flex to meet new requirements.  If necessary then we use Qonda Monitor from Ope to scientifically measure how your ArcGIS Enterprise platform is performing.  

You will receive a full report detailing our findings.  You will be provided a list of recommendations for improvement and steps to align with best practices.


Mentoring is at the heart of everything we do. 


Our aim is to leave you prepared and able to use your ArcGIS Enterprise and derive maximum benefit from it.  We educate and empower you to make the most appropriate decisions for your organisation and get the best from your platform.  ​We give you options and explain the good, bad, and ugly of each option. 


We empower you to make the decisions at each step of the way. 


Every new build of ArcGIS Enterprise includes a handover workshop, to help you grow in your ArcGIS Enterprise journey.


You may already have an ArcGIS Enterprise, or be completely new to GIS.  We'll sit, listen, and understand where you are on the journey, what's working, and what's not working, and get to the bottom of your pain points.​We've seen a lot of organisations have issues in adopting ArcGIS Enterprise over the years, so we can draw on experience to guide you through to a winning situation.​​

Pure consulting services can take different forms and we will flex to your requirements.  geoworx can bring a raw technology focus, or take a more business-centric view.  The geoworx team has worked on the client side and can draw upon experience across the Local and Central Government Sectors as well as within Utility companies.


We design your ArcGIS Enterprise so you can be System Ready.


We hate seeing clients have to repeatedly rebuild their ArcGIS Enterprise Environments.  It shouldn't be hard, but building a System Ready environment means designing in good practices.  geoworx has defined a reference architecture.  We sit with you and discuss what that reference architecture is and why it is important.  Then we evolve it to your requirements.

The nature and size of your business will influence the final design and the amount of IT resources required.  ​Additionally, your budget and any constraints from your IT department will also have an impact on the solution design.​  geoworx uses a whitepaper approach that provides a Solution Architecture Design and Implementation Plan.  Once we know you and what you need, we modify the whitepaper to fit your organisation.  Using our standard practices, we modify the implementation to work in your existing IT Enterprise.  It is our intent to work with you and not introduce any unnecessary change. 


The SAD and Implementation Plan will allow your IT team or IT providers to build out the IaaS/Cloud required to support the ArcGIS Enterprise Environment.  Of course, we remain available to answer questions and clarify anything that may arise. 


When complete, your IT team returns a completed form detailing the implemented dependencies.​geoworx then use that form to start the heavy lifting of making ArcGIS Enterprise work in your environment. 

When complete you will receive detailed As-Built documentation, the passwords, and a handover session to provide you with Training and User Acceptance Testing. As a part of our mentoring philosophy, we provide a consultant to work with you in your offices supporting your early adoption of the system and making changes if needed.


Upgrades do not have to be hard.

From time-to-time you will want to upgrade your ArcGIS Enterprise environment.  geoworx works to make this as simple a process as possible.​  We provide a project plan wiht the actions that you eed to take and a description of geoworx activities.  The typical approach is to upgrade any pre-production environments during a one-week period, agreed with you, and planned to avoid other geoworx projects.  ​We'll then give you time (generally a week) to test the upgraded environment and make a go/no-go decision on production. 


Assuming a go, then we will take your production environment offline on a Friday evening, upgrade and system test it.  Then hand it back to you on Sunday morning for your User Acceptance Test. 


Shortly after, you will receive documentation confirming all changes made, and any recommendations or observations noted.​This process is tried and tested and used across many geoworx clients.  It offers minimal risk, it's planned and executed with minimal IT/GIS team involvement, and far easier than many organisations will have experienced in the past.

Validate and Interpret

geoworx can act as a third-party to ensure you're heading in the right direction.

While many organisations adopt the full-service catalog offered by geoworx, there is no pressure to do so.  You may have an existing relationship with a vendor and we respect that.  However, you may have questions or want third-party validation of an options paper or other recommendations.  This is a situation where we are happy to help.

We have previously conducted architectural reviews of platforms built by other providers.  In most cases we've given a green flag and nothing makes us happier than validating the other vendors work.  We've also been asked to review options paper or make technical documentation more understandable.  If you are working with another provider and just want a third-party to run ideas past, then geoworx is prepared to listen, guide, mentor and help.

We can provide additional options or recommendations and give you impartial advice to help you move forward.


geoworx wants its clients to succeed and does its very best to support clients as and when required.​


In many situations the quality of a geoworx build means that very little support is needed.  However, some clients will maintain a small contingency budget year-on-year that allows them to reach out to geoworx on an ad-hoc basis.  It is important to note that this type of support is provided on a best endeavours basis.​Some clients have mission-critical environments and have requested geoworx to provide managed services.  This places geoworx under Service Level Agreements to keep the environment up and reliable.  It goes further than that though, by proactively monitoring usage and new content created by users to try and keep the environment scaled, healthy, and following best practices.  This is a new service and is being rolled out cautiously, but geoworx is open to discussions on how it can support your ArcGIS Enterprise.

We can tailor support to meet your requirements so please reach out and discuss your requirements.

We listen and we want to hear from you

You may have requirements that go beyond the service offerings discussed above, we are open to discussing those with you and seeing how we can add value to your organisation.

In the past we have been asked to take on development or data integration activities and this is something that we are currently not exploring.  However, we are aware of other consultants and partners who work within the GIS community and we'd love to introduce you to trusted providers, thereby helping you in less direct ways.

geoworx believes that while it can operate across the broad spectrum of ArcGIS products, it is actually in the depth of ArcGIS Enterprise that it brings the most value to the New Zealand spatial community.

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